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2 + 2

Date: 22nd Feb - 15th Mar 13

2 + 2 = four very talented and contrasting artists and styles. Two being stencil artists alongside two more traditional painters. Also two of the group are well known to fans of the gallery, while the other two are new. As normal, we curate our group shows to demonstrate the range of work that we show, as well as breaking down the barriers between artistic labels such as 'Urban,' 'Street,' and 'Fine' art. We have given the artists a free reign to produce work that is currently exciting them and the result will be a dynamic mix of ideas, techniques and approaches.

We have represented Bael for four years now and in that time he has shown with us in two solo shows and numerous group shows. He has developed a strong following, who admire his lean and direct paintings and drawings. The Viennese school of artists influences his work at the turn of the 20th Century led by Egon Schiele. His work also has contemporary references to Science Fiction and to film, particularly the abiding image of Nosferatu. The artist says about the works in the show "The 3 new pieces for this exhibition, make up a triptych that I have wanted to produce for some time. Each piece as an example of how something as simple as a female nude can conjure up tension, beauty and imply a type of darkness, unique to the feminine form". Bael is preparing for his third solo show in the gallery, which is taking place in the autumn of this year.

SPQR has been also been showing with the gallery for four years, as well as showing his work extensively across the UK and in group shows internationally. His particular brand of political stencil mark making has its roots in the Bristol school led by Banksy. His work has its own particular brand of humour that at times has an angry edge and at other times is whimsical. One of his most loved images is called Store Trek and features a fully suited up astronaut carrying his shopping in Lidl bags.

Joe Iurato is the second New York street artist we have shown in 2013. Joe has shown extensively in galleries in his hometown and has developed a strong presence with his street work and high profile public installation murals, including being part of Art Basel in Miami. His clean stencil based style has been growing technically and in intensity over the past few years and we were delighted to be given the opportunity to introduce him to a UK audience. Joe signs himself :01 on the street and explains: “:01 represents one second.  In times of adversity, it only takes a single second to decide you’re going to pick yourself up and move forward in a positive direction, regardless of the circumstances involved. :01 means never give up. Stay the course. Believe in who you are. Embrace the next challenge and begin a new chapter.”

Michal Janowski is also new to the gallery. He studied fine art at the University of East Anglia and has had solo shows in London and Ipswich and group shows across the UK, as well as in his home country of Poland. Michal's powerful and mysterious figurative paintings have become increasingly more fantastical and imaginative. He has an interest in mythology and the works he is giving us for the show focus on the mischievous, occasionally malicious, Native American character Trickster, who has a penchant for breaking rules, usually to positive effect. The artist says "I am aware that drawing and painting may no longer be at the forefront of contemporary art practice but for me these constitute a direct connection to art history, as well as a means to explore and articulate concepts that intrigue me as an artist".

2 + 2