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RAE - solo show 'Noturnal Trips'

Date: 25th Jan - 16th Feb 13

Introducing the up and coming street artist RAE, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. This will be his first show in London.

The artists says:
'Nocturnal Trips' means everything and nothing about how art relates to my existence. In a literal sense, it deals with the the "trips" I take to install the work I put up on the streets at night and how the city seems a lot different when your scheming as opposed to getting a latte.

In a more metaphorical sense, "Nocturnal Trips" deals with the thoughts, flashbacks and projections I think about when going in and out of an awake-sleep state in the middle of the night.  The body may be physically resting but the mind continues to work.  I get more work done tossing and turning in my bed, getting up to take a pee or checking my front window for crimes being committed then I do most mid-days. Those nocturnal thoughts, however absurd or realistic they may be, play out as random images, in a non-sensical way, but are usually the most fruitful and translatable to my work

RAE - solo show 'Noturnal Trips'